qKey. The best way to manage access.

For safe and easy access where and when—and for whom—you need it, use qKey. Whether the building is your home, office, store, or warehouse: as long as there is a door, qKey provides flexible access through an online service, using mobile devices for authentication purposes. qKey: putting you in charge of access.

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Secure & reliable

Centralized access control means no-one gets in unless you want them to, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Only the mobile devices authorized by you have access.

Saves time

No more keys that have to be distributed and that can get lost or stolen. A click of the mouse activates or de-activates a user.

Easy to use

qKey is highly flexible, so that you can easily customize user access.

Cost saving

After the first investment, qKey operates virtually cost-free.


You pay a yearly software update fee. That's it.


How does qKey work?

qKey consists of three components:

  • Online dashboard
  • Access reader
  • Mobile device

Online dashboard (Central system)

Access is granted and denied by the person in charge of the online dashboard. After activating a mobile phone or PDA, the user gets access—but only on the days and hours specified by the controller. The online dashboard allows you to modify settings quickly and logs all activities per user.

Access reader

The access reader picks up the signal from the mobile device, and checks with the online dashboard if this is a known user. If so, it will open the door.



Ubiqu was founded in 2009 by engineer Boris Goranov, who specializes in automated authentication and security systems. After working on various projects for major players like Siemens and Getronics, Boris decided it was time to put his idea—qKey--on the market and take the access market by storm. An investment grant from a major Dutch bank confirmed his feeling that qKey is indeed a good idea.

Ubiqu Access B.V.

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3054 EM Rotterdam
T: +31(0)6 4252 1605
E: info@ubiqu.nl

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